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The Hopefulness and Power of Yet

Jenny Flintoft
From Trash to Treasure
April 9, 2017

The Hopefulness and Power of Yet

I love letters. I love how you can take a bunch of them and put them together to make words that have the power to uplift and encourage and shine and even shift our thinking.

One of my most favourite words is so tiny and on first glance, insignificant. But do not be deceived! This word is full of hope and power and possibility. The word is:

Too often we keep ourselves small, or locked in boxes we’re convinced we can’t break out of, or stuck, simply because of the words we say about ourselves and our circumstances.
• “I don’t get it.”
• “I’m not good enough.”
• “I can’t do this.”
• “It doesn’t work.”

Our words have got so much power in them, but if we’re not mindful about them, the words we choose can keep us bound, rather than liberated.

Yet. Such a tiny word. Nevertheless, add it to the end of your sentence and suddenly, your words take on new possibility and new hope. It isn’t over. It isn’t finished. It can get better.

The best is yet to come. Believe it.

Jenny Flintoft

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