David Picton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Carillion
“Jenny has an infectious enthusiasm for personal and professional improvement – an inspirational drive to bring out the very best in a person, even when they have convinced themselves that they have reached their limits. Her questions and insights can genuinely stop a person in their tracks – helping them to realise, like a light shone into a dark room – that they have so much more to offer and are capable of achievements way beyond expectations. Above all – you can’t help but like her – which is always a great place to begin.”

Valeria, Lawyer, Motorola
“THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for these fantastic days! You're truly inspirational and definitely a role model...!"

Joanne, Consultant, Accenture
“Jenny is great. Engaging; fun; knowledgeable and walks her talk. It’s good to be reminded that everyone can suffer from insecurities at times, but these tools and techniques will definitely help to make such a difference – thank you.”

Karen Staton, Retail Operations Director, Brantano
“Jenny is such a motivated and motivating person. She creates an inspiration within the whole business, but also on a personal level. I defy anyone to spend an hour in her company and not be smiling!”

David Short, Country Managing Director, Macintosh Fashion UK
“Jenny has worked with our business for many years but no matter how often we ask her to speak, her ideas are always fresh and relevant. She immediately engages the audience with a lovely mix of humour and passion for the topic she is covering. Most importantly she always delivers the underlying message in a way that resonates with the audience and is likely to stay with them long after the conference is over. First class and highly recommended.”

Carrie Wilkerson: Speaker, Author: “The Barefoot Executive”
“I’ve had Jenny speak at multiple events of mine and even had her MC my most important event of the year. She is stellar and a pro in every way! I have every confidence that her content will be complete, her style with be engaging and my audience will be delighted with her, every single time!”    
Jenny Flintoft