Using the talent of your people to lead your business so it remains competitive and successful is the critical focus all organisations need.

And yet, this can feel a huge mountain to climb. Leaders are expected to understand and connect with all the unique individuals in their team and motivate them to achieve more, achieve better and achieve faster. Factor in the challenge that many leaders have team members in multiple locations and don’t see them regularly and before you know it, the mountain can seem insurmountable.

Nobody sets out to be a bad leader or manager. Yet the pressure of delivering and the day to day challenges can cause leaders and managers to fall into bad habits and not appreciate the tremendous impact and influence they have on their people and the business. You want your leaders to have a positive impact and influence, not a negative one.

So how do you get there?

High Impact Learning and Development Interventions
This is where I started, over two decades ago! Blending the latest thinking in neuroscience, behavioural science/psychology and brain friendly learning principles, I design learning interventions that are heavy on the proven research and high in impact, inspiration and practical application.

I originally came from an operational leadership background and can be as cynical as the next person when it comes to glitzy training programmes that provide the wow factor but no meaningful difference to your people or business. I’ll partner with you to really look under the bonnet of your organization and ask some tough questions in order to truly understand your circumstances. From there, I’ll create a practical, purposeful programme that scratches where your organization itches.

Contact me to explore how I could help you develop the leadership and talent in your business.
Jenny Flintoft