I left my European management role within Disney in 2001 to set up my own leadership and business consultancy. (And that’s a story in itself, in terms of jumping with no safety net. Remind me to tell you about that sometime!) Since then, I’ve been privileged to work on almost every continent across the globe, both as an Event Speaker and delivering high impact training and development interventions to thousands and thousands of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

The pace of life and work is increasingly accelerating and often we can feel like it’s someone else who is actually in the driving seat. We’re constantly told we’ve got to be bigger, better and bolder, which can leave us feeling inadequate, incompetent and inauthentic.

Listen, if you’re trying to be someone you think you should be, or striving to be something you think other people are looking for, in order to meet their expectations, STOP IT!

Life’s too short to try and fit into a neat box. Real success and satisfaction comes from taking deep breaths. Facing life head on. Recognising and relishing the positives and being unfazed by the curveballs.

There’s so much more I could tell you, but it’s not about me. You’re the important one, here. I’ve had the great fortune to travel across the world doing what I do – but [delete] I wholeheartedly believe that you can start seeing a difference in your life from the time you choose to do so. Right here, right now. Whether you’re a leader in an organisation looking to make a greater difference, or simply someone seeking insights and inspiration for your own life, I can help. And I’d be delighted to do so.
To your success,
Jenny Flintoft